Truck Inspection Checklist For Buying A Used-Truck

During the used truck buying process, you have many things to consider and think about. Keeping track of it all can be a little bit overwhelming. We want to make your truck buying experience as simple and relaxing as possible. So we’ve created this short 12-point checklist for buying a used truck.

Let’s get started, shall we?

12-Point Used Truck Inspection Checklist

Exterior Inspection:

  1. Look for damages to paint and body in the light of day. Be sure to check out less common spots like around the door handle for wear and tear damage.
  2. Check for rust by running your hand along the edges of the truck’s exterior materials, such as under the doors, hood, and bumpers. Any bumps could be indications of rust, which you’ll need to have repaired to prevent further damage.
  3. Check for scratches in uncommon areas, such as around door handles, for unusual wear and tear damage.
  4. If buying a truck with a bed, be sure to check for major scratches, warping, or damage that may need to be repaired in the future.

Interior Inspection:

  1. Look for damage to the upholstery, floor mats, and roofing material, including stains, tears, or blemishes.
  2. Check that the electronics are working properly, including the climate control system, audio system, and all interior lights.
  3. Ensure that all seat belts are present and are working properly. Be sure to check for frayed edges or non-functioning seat belts.

Mechanical Inspection:

  1. Check the fluids.
    1. Radiator fluid is a transparent greenish color.
    2. Transmission fluid is a transparent reddish color.
    3. Motor oil is a transparent amber color.
    4. Check for leaks by running the vehicle for a few moments on a clean area of concrete or cement. Check for any spots under the vehicle after turning it off.
    5. Start the engine and make sure the truck starts with a clean and smooth sound free of thudding, grinding, or squealing.

Driving Inspection:

  1. Take the vehicle for a 10-minute drive or so and check that the brakes are functioning properly, the vehicle isn’t making any strange noises, and the turning matches your expectations.
  2. When the vehicle is idle, be sure the emergency brake works, all exterior lights are functioning, and there are no strange smells or sounds.


Blog Source: Smart Lot | 12 Point Inspection



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