The Scaral Chakra is located just above the pubic bone and just below the naval.  It is the center of our creativity and our sexuality. Emotional stability, hormones,  intuition and compassion stem from this area.  The color that represents this area is Orange. Above are some of my favorite Sacral Chakra stones; please note that some of these can be interchanged with the Root Chakra and there are so many other sacral chakra stones that you can use for this area that are not necessarily Orange, but to keep it simple we will stick to Orange for now. This is the area where healthy relationships are born and our manifesting powers unleash.  When this area is closed, blocked or unhealthy then you will more than likely experience difficult relationships, an unclear sense of your personal path, lack of creativity, sexual dysfunction, depression, jealousy, mental instability, coldness towards others just to name a few.  It often helps to move your body with dance or yoga to get this area flowing with the assistance of crystals of course!

Sacral Chakra Stones for balance- The photo above moves from the six o’clock position at the bottom and clockwise:  Aragonite Star Cluster surrounded by a Mookaite bracelet, Orange Calcite, Jasper, Boji Stone, Sunstone, Citrine with Cooprite inclusions, Mahogany bracelet surrounding Carnelian, Tiger Iron, darker Carnelian, Sunstone, Boji Stone, cannot remember the names of the next two stones sorry; the one is a Phantom stone I do know that and gave me an electric shock the first time I picked it up.  The large stone in the middle is a dark Citrine and a Shiva Lingam in the middle. Here is the energy of these sacral chakra stones:

Aragonite Star Cluster- Aids in balancing the emotional body and calms stress and anxiety.

Mookaite- Helps slow ageing and the way we think about ageing.  Instills a sense of adventure.

Orange Calcite- Brings positive energy, creativity and helps stimulate sexuality.

Jasper- Many types of Jasper, including Mookaite, boost creativity and intuition.

Boji Stones- Balances the feminine and masculine sides of ourselves.

Sunstone- Strong solar energy and warmth to bring joy and happiness into your life. Helps to feel life is worth living.  Aids in digestion and metabolism and a boost of vitality too.

Citrine with Cooperite- I chose these various Citrine pieces because of their dark color or inclusions with other crystals- they help to boost your manifestation powers of all of your desires in abundance; whether it be love, money or health.

Mahogany- Brings strength in a time of need, relieves tension, clears blockages.

Carnelian- The stone of Action – helps you to get up and get moving!

Tiger Iron- Physical vitality and energy.  Helps with creativity and ideas.

Phantom- Super charged for prosperity and abundance.  Helps access past life information and the Akashic Records; clarity on old problems are resolved.

Shiva Lingam- Overall improvement in health and well being.  Especially useful in female reproductive issues.

Time to get moving-  Remember to move to get those juices flowing in combination with the use of the chakra crystals.  Put on some of your favorite music when cooking dinner or cleaning the house and move your body; twist your body and try some yoga or do some good stretching.  Try this several times a week if even for a few minutes; it will truly work!





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