Ten Car Accident Tips To Help You Get On The Road To Recovery After A Wreck

Put these Tips into Action after an Auto Accident

Following a car accident, getting medical attention and protecting your right to compensation are both essential. At this stressful and overwhelming time, knowing what to do is difficult on your own. These top 10 auto accident tips can help you get on the road to recovery after a wreck.

Reduce the stress of the accident.  Call a professional car accident lawyer first for a consultation.

How can you actually use this stuff?

Follow these practical tips to help us build a strong auto accident claim:

  1. Seek medical attention for anyone who is hurt. Call 911 for emergency medical attention. Many people may say they feel fine at the scene only to start hurting an hour later or the next day. Adrenaline starts pumping through your body during the wreck.  That adrenaline can mask pain.  If you start feeling pain, later on, get medical care.  The longer you wait, the worse it will get.
  2. Call the police. All accidents should be reported to the police. Request that the police file an accident report as evidence for your claim. If the police officer does not file a report, instead, giving you the option of filling out a form and sending it in, be sure to do so.
  1. Collect contact information. If possible, get the names, phone numbers, and insurance information for the other drivers involved in the wreck. Use your phone to take a picture of their insurance information.
  1. Gather names and contact details for any witnesses to the accident. Your auto accident attorney, will need the witness statements as valuable evidence for your claim.
  1. Take pictures of the accident scene. Photograph the cars, the accident scene, and road conditions that may have contributed to the wreck. This evidence can help prove the other driver’s negligence.
  1. Don’t admit fault. Wait for the claim to be fully investigated to make conclusions about responsibility.
  1. Keep track of your medical bills and doctor visits. Keep a diary of your injuries and how they’ve impacted your daily life.
  1. Report the accident to your insurance company. Make a report, but don’t accept a settlement offer until you’ve spoken with counsel. Your property damage claim (damage to your vehicle) is separate from your personal injury claim (damage to you).  You don’t want to accidentally sign away your bodily injury claim with your property damage settlement.
  1. Avoid social media. Don’t talk about your accident on social media sites. Insurance adjusters may try to discredit your claim by using statements or even pictures posted to social media websites.
  1. Hire a lawyer. Hire an experienced auto accident attorney who can handle the paperwork with both insurance companies so that you get the compensation you deserve.


Blog Source: Chelsie King Garza, P.C. | Top 10 Auto Accident Tips



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