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Meet Our Flexible and Creative Web Development Team

The Responsive Team!

Sagad Web Design and Development prides ourselves in our team of ingenious and hardworking individuals. Always on the lookout for fresh ideas, they never stop experimenting. Give them something to work with and they are sure to deliver beyond expectations. Our web designers and developers specialize in clean, professional layouts that work great for mobile phones. They’re user-friendly too. See how we all come together to create stunning pages for you.

Sir Al Sagad
Founded Sagad Web Design. Passionate about creating a responsive website that gives more importance to user experience. A smart web design and development that works. “We don’t just create we connect your website to your business goals.”


Mam Flo Sagad
Planning and Organization of tasks are her main priority in Sagad. Enjoys working with a creative and optimistic team. “We simply work together with one aim, to give you a website that answers your business existence.”


Project Manager
Likes exploring and experimenting HTML, CSS, PHP and more. He enjoys building a website that does not only inform, but has always something new that attracts users or captures their attention. “We only build a SMART website!.”


Web Developer
Cris Sagad
Enjoys working with all types of content which could move a user to action. Will gladly create, edit, and maintain quality for various types of projects. “It's not just content – it's optimized content that can bring results.”


Content Specialist

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