The beauty of buying a new home is that you can choose almost anything you like. There is so much out there to cater to any taste, especially in the large markets like Sydney. However, when people are looking for inner real estate, there is one kind of property that stands apart from the pack: luxury apartments.

You deserve the best out of your home, and this prestige development absolutely delivers. But what is it about luxury apartments that draws people in?

Privacy and proximity

Finding prestige property in the inner city, especially in Sydney, can often mean paying well in excess of seven figures. And to secure a house in these areas, you will often be at the top end of that range.

Prestige apartments give you a world-class residential home in the heart of the city.

Prestige apartments give you a world-class residential home in the heart of the city. This means all of the privacy and space of a villa or mansion, but much closer to the vibrant CBD than you might be able to get if you were to only focus on buying a house.

The combination of privacy and proximity to the CBD you get with luxury apartments keeps people coming back for more.

A wealth of facilities without leaving the house

When you purchase a regular apartment, you can find yourself within walking distance of the gym, the office, even high-end restaurant precincts. But luxury developments go a step further.

By including a rooftop infinity pool, cantilevered gym, private rooftop gardens, retail stores and specific rooms for fine dining, music and functions, the best of Sydney’s lifestyle is quite literally brought to your door.

Fine dining and peaceful surrounds are part of what makes great.

You can still experience the full spectrum of what Sydney has to offer – but you don’t have to go more than to the elevator in order to experience it. It’s convenience and comfort you simply can’t get with regular developments.

By providing a tranquil and luxurious place to complete almost any part of your daily routine and how you can live. It’s a shining example of what sets luxury apartments apart, and why buyers and renters continue to inquire about them.





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