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Should You Put Funny Faces In Your Corporate Page?

There are so many trends in web design – but ONE definitely stands out these days. If you have come across several company websites recently, you will notice that most of them have silly, funny, or customized images. If not on the homepage itself, it could be found on their 404 error page or their corporate profile. But why would sensible, professional web designers and developers want to look a little ridiculous [Tweet Me!]?

A Matter of Personality

There are perhaps just two main reasons why anyone would want to be silly on the Internet – a place where the general public is cruel and merciless when it comes to dishing out comments. Make the wrong move and you might go viral as a clumsy clown. Surely, no self-respecting company would like that, be it in web design or e-commerce.

One of those reasons being that personality simply sells. Take an example of companies with established identities: Google is synonymous with fun, whereas Apple Inc. is typically related to minimalism. These are unique personalities carved by firms to help themselves stand out from their competition. And hey, it worked.

Personality sells because it lets consumers know that you’re more than a brand, a CEO, and a lifeless building. Suddenly, with a funny face on your Team’s page, you become an individual just like them. Someone with a job, hobbies, a significant other, and probably a person with a few jokes up their sleeve. You become someone fun to work with.

Playfully Unforgettable

The second reason for those silly icons is to create a memorable experience. Recent research done by Dr. Gurinder Singh Bains and his team discovered that laughter may help improve memory, relieve stress, and boost recall. Whenever a user takes a look at your silly team photos, you make an unforgettable connection with that person.

The old adage ‘no one cares how much you know unless they know how much you care’ is best seen in company profiles. Those bland, boring pages that list accomplishments, favorites, and clients can only hold attention for so long. If a business truly wants to make an impact (without spending so much on advertising), one of the best ways is to simply put on a funny face.

A neat example of this little design technique is Moo’s Executive Team page. At first glace, it’s just a normal About page, with some witty facts about each member. But hover your cursor over a picture and you will discover this company’s quirky side. It’s not flashy, and it doesn’t strip away the firm’s solid professionalism. Instead, it showcases their carefree self that’s reflected in their products.

In the industry of web design for instance, it can be difficult trying to get an audience with everyone else being as creative, unique, and eccentric as your company. So how can you stand out? Make your potential clients chuckle. Don’t be afraid to wear a funny hat to show your offbeat self. You never know: perhaps that’s exactly what they’re looking for in a web design company.

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