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Major Landing Page Flaws That Block Traffic

There are always flaws in every counteraction that you make on a problem that arises. This happens especially in web design. Constant online innovations were widely embraced by Web Design in Los Angeles to counteract hindrances of boosting traffic to websites, but other problems came out when one solution is applied.

Many are worried about getting very low traffic ever since the web designing journey started. Surprisingly, all answers boil down to one common cause – landing page flaws. Flaws block the entrance of traffic, and there are seven major causes that lead to that fate.

Six Major Flaws in Web Design

Information that Are More Than Enough

Experts found out that most users, who enter a page with too much information, get out immediately. They become hesitant to read the contents once an overflowing data appear on their sight. Recognizing this behavior concluded that most users only yearn for what is just enough.

A page should contain enough amount of information that instantly conveys the owner’s message. If there is a need for application, provide forms for a better user experience. It should be short enough and can be easily filled in, unless, the purpose dies out.

Too Many Call-to-action

It’s been common to most e-commerce websites that one landing page contains too many calls-to-action. Instead of motivating the users to perform the desired activity, this leads to confusion. As a counteraction, create a page that is simple.

Too Many Texts

This is another problem that blocks traffic. Like the previous ones mentioned, it also leads to confusion that makes it difficult for users to understand the main point of a page. One challenge for every web design firm is to create a page that will immediately capture the attention of users; and one way to do that is by utilizing bullet points, bold text option among others, that will highlight the important points.

Eye-catchy Headlines

There are 77% of users who are motivated to stay on a page with eye-catching headlines. One common mistake in web design is the use of very common terms and approach in headlining. Users are often bored when seeing words that don’t have any flavor at all – flatness, as what they call it. To resolve that, make the headline specific, which reflect the content of the page. It could be long, but not too much that will make users leave.

Landing Page Takes Too Long to Load

Users hate waiting. Three seconds is enough to turn them off and leave. This is another factor that blocks traffic. De-cluttering is the right solution for this problem, which is done by removing images and photos that are not necessary.

No Proof of Credibility

How can you determine if a website is credible? According to a statistic, Blue Fountain Media increased sales by 42% when a Verisign symbol was added to their site. It was also said 68% consumers trust reviews when they see good and bad scores. Implicitly, people trust precise numbers more over a rounded number because it is more accurate.

With those facts mentioned, analysts were able to form ways to cater to consumer needs. One can obtain credibility by adding honest testimonials, a trust badge, and terms and conditions on the page. It is forbidden to include exaggerated statements and results.

There should be an improvement to become better. Traffic is important so employ counteractions that will avoid the blockades. Starting from these five flaws could be the first step. However, expect for other flaws to still arise.

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