Here’s Why Roof Warranty Is Very Important

When we make major purchases they come with a warranty, take a new car for instance, it comes with a warranty and you can buy an extended warranty to cover a longer period of time when making the purchase. If you have financed the car for a longer period of time this approach to a warranty purchase is sensible because you don’t need a car failure when you have an expired warranty – that means any repair costs will be yours to absorb. A computer comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, as does that new smartphone you just purchased – when you spend a good deal of money for your necessities and nice to haves, you want some level of insurance for your financial comfort. When you purchase a new roof for your home, it is the equivalent of the purchase of a new car in terms of costs and the roof will do more important work for your home and family than a car may. When you need a new roofing system or repairs to your current roofing system, contact the best company to provide the work you need.


Projects come with details that need to manage


When you engage in any home renovation project, you are entering a zone that will be unfamiliar to you. Getting products to the job site, hiring a reputable contractor and ensuring the area is ready for the work the home needs are paramount to the success of the project. Fortunately, the contractor will handle most if not all of the details when it comes time to get the project off the launching pad. When you hire a contractor for the work your home needs, you look for an accomplished contractor who has a background in the field of the work you are hiring for. How you choose the contractor can come from a number of different avenues, like word of mouth or online reviews that will extoll the virtues of the contractor and the work he has provided.

In the vein of roofing, all roofing contractors will provide a warranty for the product they use and the labour they provide, without those assurances a homeowner might be interested in making arrangements with the roofing contractor.


Warranty types


•    A CertainTeed warranty is issued for products that have held the status that CertainTeed products must attain to be considered reputable products. Any business that can get the designation must have Master Shingle status to install the products that CertainTeed certified to demonstrate professionalism in the industry when the installation is made.

•    When you purchased products for your roofing system through a contractor, the manufacturer will provide a time-limited warranty for the materials. Depending on the product, the warranty can up to 10-years for the run of the mill shingles.

•    The labour warranty is the most important warranty you can receive through your roofing repair or installation purchase. A roofing system is subject to many weather events and when do damage to a roofing system, and it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to repairing the problems knowing that you are covered by a warranty.


Working with professional roofing company should help a homeowner rest easy when it comes time to purchase a new roof or have the necessary repairs done to their home when trouble comes up. Our product line comes from Owens Corning for shingles, and they have a solid reputation in the roofing business. They have spent the better part of 70-years supplying materials to our industry and their products consistently outperform their competitors. You can buy shingles made of fibreglass, composite materials or asphalt and when you do, depending on the type of shingles you buy, you could have a 25-year warranty for the product. We have shared a long business relationship with Owens Corning, and through our outstanding work with their products they have certified our company as Platinum Preferred Contractor, and we are the only company in Canada to hold the prestigious accreditation.

If you notice shingles that curled, cracked or missing from your roofing system, make contact with professional roofing company for the meeting your roofing system needs for repairs or replacement. They will come to your home for a personalized roofing inspection, determine your needs and advise you on the best course of action to remediate the problem out of your life.


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