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Who are we?

Blogger Group
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We are a group of diverse bloggers, writers and professionals with one thing in common… we are all Ilonggos.

We have always been fascinated about how much Iloilo have grown and progressed. And so we thought, it would be a great endeavor to focus our passion on blogging and writing into something we love to talk about. Here in Iloiloblog.com, we share the same passion and we are driven by one common goal… to help the public know the latest, most updated and interesting news about Iloilo and our fellow Ilonggos.

“I am Iloilo”

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That’s the inspiration behind “Iloiloblog”

For Ilonggos working and leaving in other places, we hope that this blog will be your virtual home to keep you updated about the City of Love.

Iloilo Map
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For travelers who want to visit and experience Iloilo, this could be your one-stop guide to everything “Iloilo”.

iloilo airport
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For locals, you don’t just live in Iloilo but you are a part of it. We hope this blog can help you find the true blue Ilonggo in you.

iloilo locals
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It is our sincere desire that Iloiloblog will be your place to visit to keep you updated, to share your ideas and creative minds about anything related to Iloilo. Iloiloblog’s mission is pretty simple. We want to create a conversation, a circle and a community of Ilonggos and Ilonggos at hearts.

Thus, we boldly invite you to join us. Let us all have some fun time being Ilonggo and together let’s be proud because… WE ARE ILOILO.



Shei is currently the admin of IloiloBlog.com. The blog started as a high school project in one of her English class. Her primary goal of putting up an own domain is to share Iloilo to the whole Philippines and to the world.

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