Essential Tips On Roof Maintenance for Summer

With summer comes beautiful sunny weather and days spent by the water. As we all know, the temperature in this part of Georgia can quickly become unbearable, and it’s at these times that we’re the most thankful for our air-conditioned homes. Since we’re so grateful for the roof over our heads, it’s only natural that we take care of this important aspect of our homes, even during the summer.

Taking Care of Your Roof

Your home’s attic can reach up to 150° during the summer months, which means that it can easily steal the coveted AC from your cool home if the space isn’t properly insulated and the roof maintained. Here are some of our summer roof maintenance tips!

1. Proper Ventilation

Did you know that improperly installed exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms can contribute to moisture build-up in your attic? Moisture in the attic is not a good thing because it can quickly lead to mold, which then leads to repairs. Properly installed vent fans also reduce the temperature in the attic.

When assessing ventilation, you could start by looking at your bills on a month-to-month basis; an increase in the cooling bill could point to a poorly installed system or issues with the insulation of your roof.

2. Clear the Gutters and Drains

Since there aren’t any leaves falling, it’s a good time to get on a ladder and clear out those gutters and drains. Remove all the debris in this important roadway because a blockage could lead to water backup and improper drainage, which puts a strain on the surrounding roof. Also make sure that none of the gutters are loose. If they are, simply tighten the bolts to ensure proper water flow.

3. Shingle Status

While completing the decluttering of your gutters and drains, make sure the debris you’re removing isn’t any shingle material. This could point to some serious problems and definitely the help of a professional. Also do a quick scan of your roof to look for any missing or loose shingles.

4. Conduct a Walk Around

By simply walking around your home and attic, you can check for signs of damage. Most homeowners might not notice an issue until it affects the inside of the home, at which case, the problem will be a lot larger. While you’re working on the drainage system, move the ladder around your home to review the roof. Look for cracks and missing pieces. Of course, if you’re not comfortable with this job, feel free to give your local residential roofing experts a call (that would be us!).

5. Schedule an Inspection

A professional will be able to conduct a proper inspection on your roof and notice anything that you might have missed. As summer also brings with it the start of hurricane season, it’s important that your roof is in tip-top shape in the awful event of a roofing disaster.


Blog Source: RPI Roofing | Summer Roof Maintenance Tips



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