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Effective Use of Beautiful Typography in Web Design

Typography in web design is just as important as other elements [Tweet Me!]. Think about it: when was the last time you visited a site that contained piles of paragraphs? Did you stay and read the whole thing? You may have opted out or simple skimmed through the text in disappointment.When it comes to quality web design, typography isn’t just for show – it’s for readability. Although the use of images and video are becoming a trend, users (as well as Google) still deem text a crucial factor in the overall website experience. Typography matters most in businesses that require audiences to place their trust on the company. E-commerce sites are a good example.So how can you truly maximize the power of text? Here a few suggestions:

Use Typography to Separate Information

separate information

People do this all the time without realizing it. Whenever you write blogs, article contributions, and even in your journal, a few words will usually be in italics or bold. This is one way of separating ideas, giving them further emphasis. The same can be done with web design typography.

On your homepage for instance, you may use 2 to 3 different font styles to differentiate between various points. You may use BOLD text for your company name and slogan; then go for a simple sans serif for your service description; and finally settle with an italized font face for your headings.

This allows readers to easily digest your data. They will perceive each font style as referring to a different idea on your web page. This makes otherwise bland, boring topics look more fun and amusing. Make it better with proper spacing and font size. Remember: it’s all about readability. If users find your content hard to decipher, they could head for the exit button instead.

Use Typography to Add Character

add character

It’s easy to edit typography to match the personality you want to convey. In fact, there are websites that take advantage of this by letting their words do the talking – literally! If you have limited images, you can give more focus on your typography to steer the users’ attention. Not only will it keep them occupied (because they need to read something); it also helps support products and services.

A professional website typically will employ clean, simple typography. Whereas those involved with art, music, or culture can dab into more fancy text. In fact, a good web designer can even mix two contrasting ideas for a totally awesome effect.

Plainmade’s website for example, features professional black-and-white photos BUT uses typography so wisely that you can’t help but get drawn in. Theirs is proof that B&W even in modern times doesn’t have to be boring. With the strategic selection of images, plus good use of simple typography, you can turn plain into fabulous.

Use Typography to Grab Attention

grab attention

Think only images and videos have the power to grab attention? Since ancient times, words were used to convey strong messages, evoke emotions, and open imaginations. Images are good for quick, short bursts of information. But if you want something solid, go for text. It makes users think, visualize, and convince them to take action. knows this fact. Their pre-launch web page is testament to how effective good typography can be. Carefully chosen words can stir your soul; provoking you into action. They used this concept to collect an audience even BEFORE their actual content is released.

An experienced web designer knows the true abilities of typography. Aside from getting vital information to your users, it can create a whole new character for your website. If you feel that you haven’t really harnessed its true powers yet, get in touch with your web design firm today for a consultation.

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