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Do More Than Design: The Other Half of a Great Website

How busy is the Internet today? According to an article posted by DailyMail UK in July 2013, one minute on the Web equals:

  • 571 new websites.
  • 70+ newly registered domains.
  • 2 million Google searches.
  • 347 blog posts on WordPress.

And that’s just the beginning. We haven’t even counted the thousands of posts on social media sites as well as photos being shared online. If this is what a minute on the Web looks like, imagine an entire year.

For web designers and developers, that’s a pretty interesting statistic. It goes to show that even with a beautiful layout or outstanding content; your website can disappear into obscurity if you don’t invest in some form of digital marketing. But wait – web developers are NOT marketing experts.

So how can they create wonderful websites that will be visible on the Web?

It’s All About Connections

Those in the web design industry need to begin making connections. This applies for small and big companies. Even freelance web designers have to start somewhere – and one of the best ways to get their talent out there is through recommendations.

The number one thing to do first is to generate a buzz about your project even before it’s released. Some firms do this way before a design plan is laid out. For your website to stand out and attract an audience, people need to know first that it exists (or is in the process of being built).

You can do this through friends, social media websites, forums, and blogs. There are plenty of opportunities to showcase your work. Here are a few:

 1. Create a Preview

If applicable, make a temporary page to showcase an upcoming project. It can be at your agency’s blog, your portfolio, or posted as a separate site. Include social media buttons so folks could easily access their profiles and share the good news. This gets the public hyped about the approaching idea without actually showing anything.

2. Ask For Referrals

In the excitement of it all – especially if the website looks too awesome – you might forget to ask for a simple referral or review. Never underestimate these little snippets of praise. Not only can you include them in your portfolio; they are real proof that you’re fantastic to work with. Remember: many people claim to know web design, but only a few can deliver. Be sure you make the cut.

3. Continuously Build Your Network

Don’t forget past clients and projects. It’s understandable that sometimes, you become too focused in your current work that you cannot send emails, chat, or create a Tweet. But these are important tasks to show that you’re still an active member of the online community, and that you value past connections. Who knows? Maybe that firm you made a website for years ago is looking for a web developer again.

Developing an awesome web page is only half the battle; the other half is letting people know it’s already available for viewing. With millions of websites being published each year, stand out for your unique design AND your ability to connect with folks who enjoy your work.

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