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Design a Website for Your Buyer Persona

If Bob comes across your website, what’s the first thing that he’s going to do? [Tweet Me!]

You probably have many Bobs – perhaps even a Jane, Mark, or Mary. Who are they? They are your buyer personas. A buyer persona is part of your marketing strategy; they are in-depth profiles of individuals or groups of people you wish to attract to your business. With personas, companies are able to visualize who their customers are, how to relate to them, and how to better answer their problems.

 Why You Should Make a Persona

If you don’t have a buyer persona yet, consider creating one as soon as possible. Here’s why:

Without a specific consumer in mind, you will end up sending mixed signals. Different people respond to different things; knowing what these are will narrow down your design process, as well as better serve their specific concerns.

Buyer personas can create awesome purchasing experiences. Just like in a real store, customers who feel that they were understood and NOT pressured into buying will come back. The same is true for websites.

Your overall performance will be streamlined based on the persona you create. In terms of web design, this means more customized content, valuable information, and targeted responses.

You eliminate confusion. One of the reasons why people visit websites is to seek answers to their questions. If your site doesn’t give order to chaos, you’re not helping anyone.

It is suggested to create 2 to 3 buyer personas so as to widen your range of customers. Think of it as a win-win situation: your costumers get more value from your business; while you receive more sales because they like the buying experience you deliver.

And who wouldn’t want that?

 Where To Begin

Don’t have a clue on where to begin? There are three major resources to get started on making your own buyer personas.

  • Website Analytics. The best way to start is by checking your own website for user habits. See what kind of content they lingered on the most, what pages they didn’t visit, and what keywords they used to locate you.
  • Use social media to your advantage. Listen to them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. What are they most interested in? What do they deem important? Youcan also find your potential clients here.
  • Make a survey! The best way to find out more about your customers is to ask them yourself. You may use any method for this purpose. Do a survey or interview them. Interact on various social media platforms, gather data from your sales team, or get insights directly from your target market.

  Make It Personal

The more information you put on your persona profile, the more useful he or she will become. Let’s take a web design company as a good example. You can make a buyer persona of an IT executive for a start. Aside from a name and job title, bring him to life with the following attributes:

  • age, gender, location
  • company, salary
  • details about her actual work
  • education and family
  • hobbies
  • spending habits
  • possible concerns about your service

Next, write down what your goals and challenges are in relation to this persona. Of course, the end goal would be for this persona to become a customer. However, as you contemplate about the possible problems he might have and how your service (which in this case is web design) can help, you will eventually come up with specific solutions.

In turn, you can use these to improve the structure of your website. For instance: your IT executive, Bob, wants to please the CEO by re-designing their corporate profile. But they don’t have a big budget. What you can do is to offer promotions or one-time deals to steer him in the right buying decision.

You may include free consultations as a first-time customer; or promote your most affordable web design package by putting it on your homepage. As Bob is an IT executive, impress him by showcasing a responsive layout that looks clean, professional, yet stunning. Seal the deal by putting easy-to-spot links to your previous works.
Design your website based on the customers you want to attract. Let them know that you understand their unique needs; because at the end of the day, both you AND your end user will benefit from this strategy.

How did YOUR buyer persona get you more clients?

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