Which Widget Your Website Needs This 2015

Everybody uses some type of widget on their gadgets: whether on their mobile phones, computers, or on their personal blogs. Also known as modules or web parts, widgets commonly take the form of tickers, clocks, countdowns, etc. As there are a wide variety of them to choose from, it's important

4 Mesmerizing Inspirations For Your Website

Finding inspiration for your next website? Picking one isn’t that easy when you are quite a newbie actually. There are lots out there in the web, but the challenge there is for you to choose the one that would fit your theme or concept. It’s really important that you provide the distinction. It brings out the uniqueness and personality among everyone else’s work.

And if you happen to be fishing for some inspiration because you have no idea where to start, here are some sites that you can pitch your concept on as you start with your latest web project.

Anatomy of an Awesome Call To Action

Call to action or CTA is an action used to encourage viewers and readers to perform something that will benefit a website. It is and should be developed during web development. In fact, it is one thing that shouldn't be overlooked at because it has the power to acquire important

5 Signs Your Web Design Was a Worthwhile Investment

Your website should be making you money. That's one of the main reasons why you had one in the first place. Aside from brand recognition and a form of online advertising, websites are supposed to bring in leads from your target market. But if it doesn't even do that, then perhaps

Don’t Be Afraid To Animate Your Website

hen people hear the word 'animation', they usually think about cartoons, moving images, and lag. Unfortunately, loading time problems have almost been synonymous with utilizing special effects, that a lot of websites have refrained from using them at all. Sad really. Since there are plenty of advantages to incorporating moving

Why Do Responsive Websites Look the Same?

One of the best ideas for corporate web design today is to use a responsive layout [Tweet Me!]. For one, it looks clean and highly professional; two, it flows seamlessly on any digital platform; and three, it's economical and SEO-friendly. For both web designers and clients, what more can you

Effective Use of Beautiful Typography in Web Design

Typography in web design is just as important as other elements [Tweet Me!]. Think about it: when was the last time you visited a site that contained piles of paragraphs? Did you stay and read the whole thing? You may have opted out or simple skimmed through the text in

Design a Website for Your Buyer Persona

If Bob comes across your website, what's the first thing that he's going to do? [Tweet Me!] You probably have many Bobs – perhaps even a Jane, Mark, or Mary. Who are they? They are your buyer personas. A buyer persona is part of your marketing strategy; they are in-depth profiles

Should You Put Funny Faces In Your Corporate Page?

There are so many trends in web design – but ONE definitely stands out these days. If you have come across several company websites recently, you will notice that most of them have silly, funny, or customized images. If not on the homepage itself, it could be found on their

2015 Web Design Trend Predictions

Time flies by fast and before you know it – 2014 is going to end. Is it too early to predict what 2015 has in store in terms of web design? Not really. In fact, you can use the remaining months to prepare your website for any changes or updates