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5 Signs Your Web Design Was a Worthwhile Investment

Your website should be making you money.

That’s one of the main reasons why you had one in the first place. Aside from brand recognition and a form of online advertising, websites are supposed to bring in leads from your target market. But if it doesn’t even do that, then perhaps it’s time to rethink your objectives in building a website for your business.

1.Your Web Design Attracts The Right Market

This is crucial in order for you to gauge how effective your overall design is. Before web designers conceptualize, there should be a study or at least a discussion about your preferred audiences. For instance: gaming enterprises usually target teens and young professionals who enjoy video games or related applications. Thus, their web design involves plenty of large HD photos, videos, animations, and a grid-like layout for faster browsing. On the other hand, B2B websites have a more serious appeal; with a minimalistic look and a responsive layout that works on all platforms.

2. Your Web Design Gets Leads

When you pull in the right people, you get the leads the prove it. Leads are individuals or prospects who have shown an interest in your product or service. They should provide their contact information in order for them to qualify as such. However, you can attract two kinds of interested individuals: a sales lead, and a sales prospect. A sales LEAD shows intent on actual purchases; whereas a sales PROSPECT needs further motivation in order to make a buying decision. But both are good signs that your web design is working as intended.

Adaptive Web Design3. Your Web Design Is Viewable on All Platforms

Creating a website these days – although easier – is still no walk in the park. You want to know that you’re getting the best quality for your money. Remember: this is a long-term investment. Why pay for something that your customers won’t be able to see on their tablets or smartphones? Not only are you wasting resources, you’d be losing opportunities too. Check that your website can be viewed seamlessly across multiple platforms for your users’ convenience.

4. Your Web Design Can Be Easily Updated and Managed

One of the reasons why businessmen, especially startups, are hesitant to invest in web design is because of the possibility of redesign and updates. They think that websites would need to be changed every year or so, thus costing more money in the long run. Not ALL businesses need a website; but if your web design has a solid foundation, then managing it should be no trouble at all. Make sure that your interface is user-friendly, so you can control the site even without hiring a webmaster.

5. Your Web Design Receives Compliments

It doesn’t necessarily have to be big awards or praises from industry critics. It could be as simple as someone sending you a quick email about how wonderful it was to use your website; or positive results on your online survey about your newly-launched layout. When people see something good, they’re also quick to commend it. So if you hear nice things, pat yourself – and your web designer – on the back.

Work with experts and consultants to know what works and what doesn’t. Whether you’re on your way to making a website or redesigning an existing one, don’t forget to seek professional advice from your Los angeles web design company to make the most out of your budget.

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