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5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Responsive Web Design

Is responsive web design on top of your priorities? If not, then, you need to get in touch with the different design trends this year by adopting this popular technique. But you may ask why? And why it should be responsive? By definition, a responsive web design (RWD) is an approach in web development that creates dynamic changes to the website’s appearance, depending on the orientation and the screen size of the device that is used to view it. RWD is a popular approach to the concern of designing for the multitude of (modern) devices that are available to customers. They range from small phones to big desktop monitors. Simply put, if you want your website to reach more people and larger market, allow them to see it on the devices they have. If these things are not sufficient to encourage you to make your website responsive, then, the reasons below will surely do.

Why Be Responsive?

Google Loves it when You’re Responsive

The use of responsive web design is strongly recommended by Google, and at present, this is deemed to be the best practice to target mobile users and favor mobile-optimized websites when presenting results for searches on a mobile device. Responsive websites basically have one URL and the same HTML. This allows Google to easily index and crawl website content. This reason alone should urge you to sign up for RWD NOW!

Combats High Bounce Rate

When a visitor reaches your website, but immediately returns back to the SERP, Google won’t consider to be the best match for the requirement of the users. Research believes that a high percentage of internet users use their mobile phones to access the internet. At the same time, mobile web browsing has the tendency to take over desktop internet usage. And in this case, a responsive web design is a sure way to cut down the bounce rate as the CSS values keep on changing with various devices.

One Website, One SEO Campaign

Are you managing separate SEO campaigns for your mobile web site and main site? Technology makes life more convenient, while allowing you to achieve time-bound results. With RWD, you can put all your efforts in SEO in just a single website. All of your “link juice” will be directed towards one website to give it better ranking. There is no need to promote individual websites for the desktop and mobile at the same time. RWD will give you an edge over non-responsive competitors.

Low Maintenance, Longer Life

There are many businesses that mainly rely on the mobile website. However, the thing is, mobile web design has maintenance issues. While the technological trends are changing, a mobile web design needs to be updated and should be maintained frequently, unlike with RWD, which is low in maintenance, but has a longer life.

The combination of fluid grids and media queries will give your web design sustainability. A user may keep updating the device from time to time, but your website would rarely need frequent updates just to keep up with the changing devices.

 Return on Investment (ROI)- Guaranteed!

The above elaborated factors have one thing in common- maximum ROI. When a website is non-responsive, it is likely to put the business down as it wouldn’t be able to compete with its rival websites that are responsive. In order to expand the business, it’s a must to reach more people than your rivals. And a responsive web design will allow you to have a larger audience , thus, increasing your chances of conversions.

These five reasons make it crystal clear why it’s a must for every business to adopt a responsive web design. Selective loading of content and media and device capability detection, with better speed will make RWD the most important trend to be adopted.

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