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4 Mesmerizing Inspirations For Your Website

Finding inspiration for your next website? Picking one isn’t that easy when you are quite a newbie actually. There are lots out there in the web, but the challenge there is for you to choose the one that would fit your theme or concept. It’s really important that you provide the distinction. It brings out the uniqueness and personality among everyone else’s work.

And if you happen to be fishing for some inspiration because you have no idea where to start, here are some sites that you can pitch your concept on as you start with your latest web project.

Book Geek

a book geek



There’s not much of a breathtaking factor that you will find with this site. In fact, people would often see this one as a blog site in first impression. But what makes this site amazing among everyone else is that it features every quotation for every book that is showcased recently on their page. They have their Twitter button that you can hit on every time you want to tweet and share something from their site. So if you happen to ┬ábe creating some kind of a web page that focuses with book reviews or something that relates about publishing, then you might get ideas in here as well.

Say Viget

say viget



Not sure how to pronounce this word you just encountered? Say Viget is there to answer your needs. It’s a one page site that will leave you entertained and coming back for more on their site. Why? Aside from their clickable button that gives you the pronunciation of the word you just encountered, Say Viget also has a gaming section for readers who are nosy enough to see what else is included with the package of their site. It’s a new way of drawing out more visitors in your web page. The element of curiosity is there and people are undeniably drawn with it.

The LifeCycle Adventure




For sites who want to focus with visuals with a bit of minimalist concept, LifeCycle Adventure is just one of the sites that you can take inspiration on. It’s a site with wonderful photography. The mix and blend of colors complement with each other. The owner does the hold and control of his hues and shades. As for the buttons, the site is also good with its navigational bars. It easily slides up when you scroll and drag around the site.





Again, this is a one page website. By the title itself, Cat Scarf is a site that offers scarf for cats. Surely it’s a heaven for people who own one. As for the site, it has an amazing homepage that gives you a hint instantly of what they have on the rack. And it’s a wonderful idea on how to start your website. Being straight and direct to the point in visual terms is amazing. Show people what you have in your site. Cat scarf is one good example of that concept. If you scroll down the homepage, you’ll also see the recent products that they are showcasing for every season.

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