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4 Crucial People For a Successful Web Design

Behind every great website, are great people.

It’s not easy crafting a page from scratch – you must think of a wonderful layout, the web elements to be included in it, plus a crafty copy to get users engaged. It’s true that several websites were done by a single individual (due to budget concerns, perhaps?); but the more specialized your staff is, the better the turnout will be.

A great website must be built by great people: those with high skills – and preferably with a lot of time on their hands, too. Let’s see who they are.

1. The Web Developer

Need interactive CSS elements on your page? Call on your web developer to make magic happen. Also known as programmers, these people are the ones responsible for the technical aspect of a website. From basic HTML to complex Javascript, trust their expertise to develop codes and applications befitting your client’s needs.

In large companies or web development firms, there could be whole teams of programmers dedicated to each tier of a project. For example: a two-people team may be composed of someone handling client specifics such as the site framework, while the other person works on the server-side of the project. Both are still web developers, although each manages a unique duty.

2. The Web Designer

Contrary to popular belief, a web designer is NOT the same as a web developer. A web designer may or may not possess coding knowledge like a programmer. Nowadays, a programmer can evolve into a web designer, but the latter must be familiar with the basics of coding if he wants to strengthen his skills.

In simple terms, a web designer is in-charge of crafting creative web designs that works seamlessly on most platforms. They deal with putting together web content such as images, text, video, audio, and animation. Web designers typically have a keen eye for detail; with a background on online marketing in order to produce quality design that truly engages people.

3. The Graphics Artist

This person handles all components relating to the arts, like photos and typography. Also called a graphic designer, his main role is to make, assemble, and approve images that would go on a website. Some firms call on their graphic artists to create custom typography as well as company logos.

His key objective is to ensure that ALL art-related content is relevant to the brand and conveys a strong message to online users. He works closely with the web designer to achieve a flawless layout. A graphic artist uses plenty of online and offline tools such as Photoshop and CorelDraw to make unique, interesting images.

4. The Copy Writer

Last but not the least, is the copy writer. He is responsible for all text content that goes into the web design. Whether it’s a label for the CTA or a new blog post, he needs to make sure that the words will convince users to take action. A copy writer actually does more than just write (although that is the main task).

He also edits, researches, and approves written work. Today’s copywriters also need to be marketing experts. Text in SEO is highly valued; so a good copy is essential for good traffic. Aside from developing verbiage that gets attention, he must emphasize on quality that’s unique, fresh, and comprehensive.

Success In Numbers

Not all web design companies will employ these people for the same purposes. At times, a web developer may act as both programmer AND web designer, based on the type of project being taken. Meanwhile, bigger firms may hire several individuals just to handle the website’s layout. It really depends.

There is NO one ideal solution as to how many people should handle web design. However, if tasks are delegated to experts, then the chances are high that the outcome will be successful. So when choosing a web design company, pick an agency that employs people with passion.

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