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2015 Web Design Trend Predictions

Time flies by fast and before you know it – 2014 is going to end. Is it too early to predict what 2015 has in store in terms of web design? Not really. In fact, you can use the remaining months to prepare your website for any changes or updates that would be trending in later months. When was the last time you had a redesign, or modified your site’s content?

Take a look at the top three designs that could be the key to an exciting 2015:

Intuitive Tiled Displays

This form of web design uses ’tiles’ or ‘little cards’ to display their content. It can be structured vertically or horizontally, in neat rows; or aligned in random positions. While some folks may argue that it looks cluttered, a lot of big name websites actually employ this type of design. Take Pinterest and Spotify as examples. Recently, Twitter and Google have also switched their layouts in favor of cards.

Why It Works:

A great advantage to tiled web design is convenience, both for the user and the website. Depending on the type of cards you use, you can put up to 20 different content in a single page. Plus, it looks awesome on mobile. With the different devices users own these days, a tiled web page is a cool way to browse through stuff. Information is more digestible, and it feels more personalized.

Creative Cartoons and Illustrations

From backgrounds to icons, hand-drawn images are getting more spotlight in recent years. You don’t see them in kids’ websites anymore: visit blogs, gaming, entertainment, and design websites and you will see a rising number of illustrations. It’s not just cute, colorful images – today, styles range from pencil sketches to retro drawings. It’s definitely a neat approach to showcase your creative side.

Why It Works:

It’s no wonder that illustrations are highly appealing and pleasing to the eye. Once people see pictures, they are immediately attracted to it. On top of that, the addition of bold, bright colors has psychology in it. For instance: the use of red, orange, and yellow by food companies is linked to creating appetite for their customers. The same can be applied in web design. Businesses in healthcare for example, can employ shades of blue or green to help their online image become more trustworthy and relaxing.

Videos Over Text or Static Pictures

Modern web design nowadays is all about simplicity. Say goodbye to bulky images or surprising transitions. In addition, people’s lifestyles are changing. They are no longer glued to their desks, lazily scrolling down information. They are on the move – and recent technology has allowed us to carry the world in our pockets. So how do you deal with customers who can’t be expected to wait? Show them a video.

Why It Works:

It’s no wonder that Youtube is one of the biggest social channels in the world. People LOVE videos. It’s fast, easy to understand, and shareable. Huge businesses like General Electric use videos for product demonstrations. Marketing websites like Mod Girl also utilizes them to drive users to take action. You don’t have to fill your entire page with them. Put them as your site’s introduction; or make use of them only to drive certain points. They are however, a great investment for the future.

What do you think about these predictions? Will they be the next big thing come 2015?

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