12 Awesome Wall Art Ideas to Make Your Home More Interesting

Enhancing your home is easy with wall art ideas that add personality and interest to space. The paramount rule for choosing art — and the only rule as far as we are concerned — is that the art you choose be something that gives you joy or speaks to you in some way. Pick a piece of art because it “matches your colors” and you have a dispensable accessory instead of an expression of your taste. It’s up to you and your budget what kind and size of artworks you choose. While not every piece appeals to every person, the beauty of art is that it hangs in your home and you are the only person who has to like it!

Here is a small selection of pieces from the recent 2017 Art Basel and Art Miami to fuel your imagination for wall art ideas for your home.

If you are looking for wall art ideas that lend drama and a wow factor to a room, take a look at large-scale artworks. While they demand a big space to be properly appreciated if you have the right wall a massive work will anchor the room and serve as a focal point. This piece by artist Summer Wheat is called “Keeping Bees.” The imposing work is done in acrylic paint on the aluminum mesh. Although the overall tone of the piece is neutral, dominated by black and white, it is far from boring.

Wheat calls her own work. “Sensual, disturbing, ugly but beautiful.” The texture in the piece comes from “impasto” which is a method of painting that makes the paint stand up from the canvas. She is said to use syringes, mops, and brooms — anything that allows her to achieve different textures.

Large, colorful artworks don’t have to be painted. This one by Nelson Leirner is called “Homage to Fontana” and made from fabric and zippers. The Brazilian artist is considered controversial and his works mean to question behavioral strategies in an experimental way. This is a rather minimalist piece that would be a good wall art idea in a modern or contemporary space. The colors are vibrant without being overwhelming.

Fans of more traditional — and smaller — artworks will find loads of wall art ideas of all kinds of styles and genres. This modestly sized work is by Parisian-born Bridget Tichenor. She was a Mexican surrealist painter in the school of magic realism, as well as a model for Coco Chanel in her early life.

Artwork that is more eclectic and modern, such as this Untitled (eggs 14) by David Adamo, is an offbeat wall art idea. The piece is composed of acrylic and enamel on canvas and will likely appeal to those with a modern space. The artist may be best known for his minimalist wooden installations, but his works do include various studies of food, such as the eggs.

While lots of minimalist works are large, like the one above, they don’t have to be. Small wall art ideas can be just as dramatic, or, from a collector’s point of view, important. This small piece is by Lucio Fontana, a well-known Argentine-Italian artist who was considered the founder of Spatialism. Part of his series of pieces created in the 1960s called 



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